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Garage Clean Out

Garage Clean Out Services in Washington, DC

Now that the weather has begun to change, this is the time of year to ask yourself a simple question. If you have a garage or parking space for your car, are you actually able to use it? Is there enough space for you to put a car there? If you can’t fit your car in to the garage or parking space, you’re not alone. Many of the homes we visit have just about everything stored in the garage, except for an actual car. If you have no interest in putting your car in the garage or parking space, then by all means keep doing what you’re doing. If you’d rather park in a garage or covered space because we don’t know what kind of winter weather to expect, here are some tips.

How Much Space Do You Need?

The first thing to consider is how much room you might need in order to fit your car in the garage or parking space. There’s no reason to get rid of everything that’s in the garage, but coming up with some space guidelines will help create a plan to work with.

Make a List

Consider creating a list of everything that is in the garage and categorize those items based on their utility. If there are items that haven’t been used since last year or even longer, it might make sense to let them go. If you’ve got seasonal items that are only used for a certain period of time (beach chairs, gardening tools), consider getting them off the ground and placing them in a less prominent location in your space.

Many people hold on to pieces of lumber and scrap wood from previous projects, with the thought that they could be used in the future. Plus, how many of the tools and pieces of equipment that we buy will be used again? If you don’t see a new project on the horizon you can probably part with the scrap wood and tools; consider trying to sell the equipment via Craigslist or community listserv.

Sort the Clutter

The majority of garages we’ve been in have shelving with all different kinds of chemicals, sprays, and gardening supplies. If the labels on the containers are no longer legible, the items may no longer be worth keeping and using. If the items are hazardous (we can’t take hazardous items like paint, oil, gasoline, aerosols, etc) you should contact your county waste station to find out about disposal. Some counties permit you to throw certain items in the trash, while others would prefer you to bring them to your local facility for proper disposal.

Remove the Clutter

If there were once kids in the house, but they have since grown up or moved out, it’s common to see their old belongings in the garage. Old bicycles, sports equipment, baby gear and toys could be taking up valuable space. If the items are in really good condition (not covered in dirt or dust), a charitable organization may be interested in picking them up from you.

We’re Here to Help

If the amount that needs to be removed becomes unmanageable, we would be happy to provide you with service. Whether it’s Furniture Removal (we’ve removed sofas from garages many times), Electronics Removal (old tube tv’s often find their way to the garage), Construction Debris Removal or just trash, we can take care of it for you – recycling whatever we can. Whether your goal is for a partial or complete Garage Cleanout, we’re ready to help.