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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

Jump-start Your Spring Cleaning Event with Junk Removal in DC

As the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer (usually), the annual tradition of a spring cleaning is seen taking place in homes throughout our area. Some tie the origins of Spring Cleaning to the change in temperature which allowed the interior of a home to be thoroughly cleaned while the windows were opened. Certain religious customs call for a “cleaning” prior to specific holidays and celebrations. Regardless of your reasoning, it’s always nice to take a step back and freshen up your home where possible.


Moving in to warmer months often means a change of wardrobe. Before you rotate the items you won’t wear again until next fall, consider sweeping, dusting, or vacuuming the closet to keep the space as fresh as possible. If you have clothing that no longer suits you (pun intended), consider donating the items to a local organization. Make sure that the clothing you are going to donate is in ‘a dignified condition’. While most everyone’s intentions are good, it’s important to understand that those who are in need of help also want to feel great about themselves. Certain organizations are looking for specific types of clothing based on gender or age, so a phone call in advance will help make sure your items get to the right place.


We’ve pointed to garage space a number of times, just because that seems to be an area where items without a purpose get dumped. With the winter months behind us, consider a Garage Cleanout. A significant amount of debris is brought in to the garage during the winter months, so a good sweeping is the best way to start. Take stock of the winter tools that won’t be used until next snowfall – can the items still function? Are they in need of replacement? If there’s still life in your shovels, sleds, and such, consider putting them in a less accessible area for the time being. If you enjoy gardening and/or take care of a lawn, this is your time! Make sure that all of the supplies you will need for your plants, flowers, and grass are usable. If you have excess tools or gardening equipment, consider donating those items to an organization such as Habitat for Humanity. Conversely, if you are in need of some tools or gardening equipment consider purchasing at a yard sale or through a thrift store, as you can often find a great deal.


If your household includes kids, then you may have an area overrun with toys and games. A quick run through of those toys and games with the kids could yield a lot of items which are no longer used. Getting rid of old stuff is hard to do, but if it hasn’t been played with for six months, maybe it’s time to move on from it. Toys and games that are in good condition could be resold online through various sites and apps, or even donated.

Regardless of the scope for your Spring Cleaning event, if the removal of your items becomes a burden we would be happy to help out. Upon your direction we can remove individual items located throughout the house, or simply clean up a pile that you have already put together in the basement, garage, or driveway.