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Your Old Television

TV Removal in Washington, DC

Did you know that one of the most popular times to purchase a new television is right before the “Big Game”? Perhaps you put a new television on your holiday list and your loved one came through! Either way, if you just got a new television, chances are you held on to the old one.

Aside from Couch Removal, Television Removal is our most commonly requested service. The technology is changing so quickly, and the costs are coming down, making it appealing to upgrade. It’s hard to not be tempted by the brilliant colors and the fact that the new models weigh a fraction of the old models (you can even hang them on your wall!). It’s just as common for us to pick up one old television as it is to pick up two or three from the same house. The old ones used to last so long, people figured that they might use it again in the future, so why get rid of the old one even if it’s been replaced with something new? We’ve even had customers use their old tv as a stand for the new one!

If you’re ready to move on, the issue becomes what to do with the old televisions. Once you’ve decided to get rid of your old televisions, we would be happy to remove them for you. We can remove all types of televisions including the old tube style, thin flat screen, and even larger projection models. Our customers often say “the picture is still good, surely someone could use it”. Unfortunately most charitable organizations don’t want old televisions, but we recycle as many of them as we can.

While the television has become the centerpiece of many living rooms, it is not the only piece of electronics that we can remove. We offer Computer Removal, Audio Equipment Removal, Monitor Removal, and recycle as many of those items as possible. If you’re tired of old technology taking up valuable space in your home, we can be of service.